Master conscious communication with group coaching

As George Bernard Shaw once espoused, “The single biggest problem in communication is the illusion that it has taken place.” You may think you have communicated clearly and effectively when the exact opposite has occurred. Communication skills are pivotal to all personal and professional relationships, yet many people struggle to master them.

One way to get positive about your communication skills is through group coaching. Excel Again offers group coaching in verbal and nonverbal communication. We help our clients get to the heart of what it means to channel their consciousness to make them more effective and empathetic communicators. You will build trust and enjoy fruitful relationships when you use our communication strategies. Our group coaching sessions are the perfect opportunity to learn the desired skills while connecting with others in the same situation.

4 main needs of effective communication

Communicating with others is about more than the exchange of information. Sure, it is nice to talk with other people. But ask yourself why you are seeking out conversation with others to get to the heart of why you are driven to make those connections with others. Your desire to communicate with others is based on four main needs every human being has: attention, acceptance, appreciation, and affection.

You, like every other person on this planet, have a deep-seated desire to be loved, to feel heard, to be valued, and to be accepted by others. Think about it. When your needs are met, you feel bright, carefree, delighted, and optimistic about life. When your needs are not met, you most likely experience feelings of anxiousness, confusion, embarrassment, fear, and loneliness.

All these needs can be met through proper communication. Excel Again’s group communication sessions help you get in touch with your needs and develop the skills necessary to make lasting connections with others.

Coaching better communication

Using Excel Again’s strategy for improving your verbal and nonverbal communication skills helps you gain clarity about your feelings. Getting in touch with your needs and effectively sharing them with another person is the key to all successful communication.

Group communication sessions are the perfect place to practice listening and speaking. Your communication coach guides group participants through exercises designed to help develop the listening skills all good communicators possess. At Excel Again, we teach you to practice conscious

communication. There are five key questions you must answer to become a better communicator. They are:

  • What happened? This is the stage of communication where you explain the situation to another person or group of people. It is important to state only the facts when sharing information.
  • What am I feeling?An important part of communicating is to share your feelings. This must be done in a way the describes only your emotions without projecting blame or guilt onto another person. Using “I” statements, while avoiding victimization words, is a safe way to do this.
  • What do I need that I am not receiving? This is an important part of effective communication. Ultimately, we want something from the other person. The only way to get it is to identify the need and share it.
  • What am I asking for? Never issue a demand based on what you feel you need. People do not respond well to ultimatums. Remember, you are communicating your needs. The other person is under no obligation to meet them. Asking respectfully will increase the other person’s receptiveness to your request.
  • What is the gift or opportunity in this situation? Take time to observe what you benefited from the practice of this process. Did you get what you were asking for from the other person? If not, what did you learn from the interaction that could improve the outcome?

Our group coaching sessions can help you communicate with impact, build better relationships, and make successful life transitions. This is just the tip of the iceberg with our group coaching options. Reach out to discover all the group coaching options available.

Online communication coaching

Group communication coaching is a valuable way to gain insight into alternative approaches to the issues and obstacles you face. Ready to start deepening your connections and strengthening your oral communication skills? Excel Again can help with its innovative group communication coaching programs. All our communication coaching sessions are online, making them easily accessible from anywhere in the world. Reach out today to explore your options and register for the next group session.